Rachel Marsden, who was once fabulously escorted from Fox News, and who has a terrible romantic history that involves, let us say, perhaps following former boyfriends, has raised a huge stink in Canada. She turned in her former paramour as a national security threat! When she was jilted by an Ontario anti-terror cop, she wisely put pictures of him on her blog and said he gave her super-confidential documents and sent some nude (headless) pictures allegedly of him to the National Post. (What gives? No one ever sends us naked pictures of their former cop lovers!) Now, for her defense of Canada's safety, he's called innocent and she might get charged with a crime—trumped-up "harassment" charges! Great news: Today she's printed emails that she says are from him, documenting their two-year affair. (Though the emails only span a period of two months at the end of 2005! That's probably an oversight.)

Ont. anti-terror officer investigated on leak allegations [National Post]