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"Jesus is on the maaaaaiiin liiiine..." Oh, hi! I was just getting into the holiday spirit with some old-time gospel music. Hallelujah! It's the week's end already! You know what that means... or, at least, our commenter-watcher Lolcait does!

Well folks, this is it. The last bunch of new Commies before year's end. (Next week's list will be dedicated to the 10 Best Comments of the Year.) These last six represent something true of us all, I think. Are we not concerned with reports of animalistic behavior in the Iraq? Do we not fear being killed by an elf? Are we not all selfish, insecure little Gollums, searching desperately for the precious "@"? I think so. Here, reflect:

From MEDIAHOHOHO in Hellish Hentish: Baghdad Bagged Dog Bad Dog?:
"Actually, one of the last stages of 'the surge' was going to involve getting the Times dog compound under control."

From FIVEINCHTAINT in 'Sun' Sadly Sets: Crippled 'Baltimore Sun' Spikes Final Moscow Lament:
"In communist Russia, ...something unexpected and logically backward happens to you!"

From FURIOUS_GEORGE in Strategist: This Is How New York Casanova Paul Janka Works:
"I pull out my heaving cock and it's staring right at you. Do you touch it?
If yes, go to page 115
If not, go to page 25
Page 25
You have been slain by an elf."

From KOALA325 in Not At Christmas!: 4000 Horny Jews To Storm Meatpacking District Against Christ!:
"This over-commercialization of Christmas Eve really bothers me."

From CONBON in Lists:
"Wait. You actually read the posts? I just hit refresh until I see an @Conbon. But sometimes I @Conbon myself, and then I forget, and then when I see it again, I get briefly excited and then very very sad.
I'm lonely."

Always delightful AndSheSaid was your Party Pick this week in Bwa Ha Ha:
"I once saw Susan Sontag gut a graduate student like a fish just for admitting that they owned a television.
She carried a buck knife just for this purpose. "

Well done all! Please please please submit Comment of the Year choices to me ( / Go look through old Gold Star Motels and stuff. It's gonna be fun.
Have a Merry Christmas on Tuesday. Or, if you're some kind of weirdo foreigner, enjoy your Chinese food.