Does this sound right? If you are flirting with someone via text message and you make two spelling errors in two consecutive text messages, especially when the second spelling (actually formatting) error is found in the second text message which is actually a correction of the first, you should immediately cease that flirtation. Because if you can't flirt intelligibly in one-sentence increments correctly, how could you possibly function adequately within the confines of a relationship? Also because then are you supposed to send a third text message correcting the second? That's just silly. Also something that is an issue with flirting via text message on the iPhone is how easily predictive text and clumsy thumbs can render a relatively benign and, in one texter's mind, adorable message completely creepy. For instance, "Spending time with you makes me happy" morphs into the absurd and weird "Spenging time with toe make me happen."