Each Friday, 'New York Times' deputy managing editor Jonathan Landman and NYT.com General Manager Vivian Schiller write an in-house email on the subject of The Future and The Internet and The Newsroom. This week: Why is everyone ragging on 'T' magazine? A rebuttal!

So OK, the Public Editor doesn't love T Magazine, online or off. Jim Schachter begs to differ. See? It takes all kinds. Thing is, the Public Editor's got a column. Jim doesn't. So we're giving Jim equal time, right here in the weekly innovation e-mail about imaginative uses of multimedia, topics pages, blogs, reader comments and other fresh and exciting things.


T video is making Jim happy. It seems T wants to be the "essential online destination" for "cutting-edge" short film. At least that's what Jim says. (You start to talk this way when you cook up sizzling Web sites.) How to reach this online destination? Cool films. Not with news video — that's already on www.nytimes.com/Not T. No. Stuff that's beautiful or mind-bending or thought provoking or damn funny. (You got a problem with that, Hoyt?)

For example, says Jim, there's this story of one man's scientific approach to hosting a holiday dinner for a dozen family members in a 400-square-foot New York apartment. Funny. To quote Schachter: "We think it's this holiday season's 'Thing in a Box.' "

And "Circle Squared," a stop-motion animated tale about the circle of life. This one wins for thought-provoking.

Essential online destination? Just maybe. "Screen Test: Natalie Portman" ... ,

... has been watched 385,000 times on YouTube in a little more than two weeks.