Here's some brief insight into the inner workings of Valleywag. We got a tip about this video from Straight No Chaser, Indiana University's a capella group — the same people who brought us "Facebook Stalking." In this one, the group sings its very funny version of "The 12 Days of Christmas." A discussion ensued with my colleagues Tim Faulkner and Nicholas Carlson about whether a capella sucks. So what to do? Why, give you the high points of the discussion, the "Facebook" song, and a poll, of course!

Tim Faulkner:

I hate it because you couldn't walk under a single arch at Brown some nights without being assaulted by some douchy, white rendering of a Boyz II Men song.

Nicholas Carlson:

I hate them because they used to go to girls halls and croon and they'd swoon and GOD.

Got an opinion of your own? Here's a poll so you can share your feelings — and the group's tribute to Facebook.

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