Here's the infamous Blockles, the Tetris clone from Iminlikewithyou founder Charles Forman. "I dont know what Tetris is," Forman told me. "Blockles is a falling block puzzle game." Right. One that I kicked your ass at, boyo. (Check out the sweet swap move I pulled about 25 seconds in. Bam.) says Iminlikewithyou, Forman's online dating site, has grown 58 percent in the last month. But that's only up to 21,000 or so "people," so big deal.

Even if growth keeps up at that rate, marketing expert Seth Godin — who otherwise raves about Forman's site — will tell you, "There's no way, none, that tradtional online ad models will generate revenue for sites like this."

No revenue? No problem! Forman just wants to own the market, he says: "You look at games on the internet in the U.S., and they are all shit. I will own the casual gaming space in the U.S. within the next year."

Keep in mind, this is the guy whose business card reads, "So ... chances are, you were in like with me. And ... chances are, I gave you this card because I didn't feel like talking to you anymore. Just kidding! LOLZ!"