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Now they've gone too far: the conflagration known as The Jews Vs. Some Other Jews Vs. Palestinians (come on, U.N., give us a catchier title), has been raging for decades, which was just fine when the victims were hookah bar proprietors, olive cart repairmen, and Lebanese soldiers, but now they've claimed one of our own. A celebrity. Susan Sarandon, to be exact. When will it end? The noted Mid East policy wonks at Page Six have the scoop:

Susan Sarandon outraged the Jewish Voice for Peace group when she crossed its picket line to attend a cocktail party last month in the new Madison Avenue jewelry store of Lev Leviev, a diamond-dealing real-estate mogul who owns the former New York Times building and the Apthorp building on the Upper West Side.

Now the California-based grass-roots organization has sent the star a letter asking her to "publicly sever ties" with the jeweler, whom the group is boycotting because he supports Jewish settlements in the West Bank. But Sarandon's rep denies she's allied with the high-end gem dealer.

You read right: the Jews opposing "settlements" weren't lawyers, they were pro-Palestinian protesters. These "Jews," whose payos were suspiciously affixed with duct tape, chanted "Sorry 'bout those charging tanks! Sorry that we run all banks!" and "What do want? Pogroms! When do we want them? Now!" at the Bull Durham star in an effort to bring peace to the Hamas-led region. (The same Jews will be protesting at the set of the next Justin Long film. They just hate him.)