Last week, amNew York published its second annual "Endangered New York" list, showcasing ten non-protected New York landmarks in danger of being developed into oblivion in the coming year. It's a worthy cause, and, as we hate everything different and new, one we're largely in favor of. Except: some of their landmarks suck!


We used to love diners, back before we got our first fake ID. But New York does not actually do diners very well any more! Because they are never actually cheap, and the quality is just terrible, not satisfyingly terrible. Also: you can't smoke in them! And hanging out at 4 a.m. drinking oily coffee and picking at a plate of fries loses some of its charm when you can't smoke. By "some" we mean "all." Sad but true: New York diners are really just second-rate New Jersey diners. Jersey has that special "there is absolutely nothing else to do in this depressing shithole" ambiance that allows a vibrant diner scene to thrive! Though it is true that the Moondance sign was pretty awesome.

Pennsylvania Station area

Seriously, amNY? Seriously? Tear it all down. Yeah, the Hotel Pennsylvania has a Glenn Miller song about it. Glenn Miller sucked! And that hotel is one of the most depressing places on Earth.


Oh, what a shame it would be if the department store that covers its historic building in hideous ads year-round were to move to the proposed Penn Station mall and let some other tenant take over their National register-listed building. [NB: We are bitter because the historic department store in our hometown was recently turned into a shitty Macy's.]


There are a zillion of them and they all kinda look the same to us? Plus it seems kinda patronizing to keep them around because we like the architecture—no one in New York believes in God!


Really, there are more than enough of them.

Endangered New York: 10 (more) to save [amNY]