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Jamie Lynn Spears's tot saga is really shaping up to be 2008's answer to the onion-layers complexity of big sis's 2007 mental breakdown. Newest development: the dad might not be fellow recent-driver's-license-acquirer Casey Aldridge, but an exec at the kiddie net Nickelodeon, according to a Star magazine report:

The father of Jamie Lynn Spears baby is NOT boyfriend Casey Aldridge, according to shocking reports from the U.S.

News that Britney's sister was pregnant at 16 - under the legal age for sex in the U.S. - forced 18-year-old Casey into hiding.

But now Star magazine insists that the teenager may not be the dad - and that Spears' friends and family think it is an older man who would face statutory rape charges.

Friends have said that Jamie Lynn was no longer even seeing Casey - and family members told Star that they believe the real father is a much older executive at her children's TV show Zoey 101.

Don't write it off; this story just might be Star's Watergate. They're covering it from all angles, most laughably with this Manichean poll ("Are you appalled or do you applaud Jamie Lynn's pregnancy?") so blatant in its attempt to produce weighted percentages (shock of shocks, "86% of poll voters were 'appalled'") that it makes the average GOP lackey-penned push poll ("Would you be less likely to vote for Barack Obama if you knew he once buried a still-living Girl Scout?") seem fair by comparison.

Check back next week for the paparazzi shots of Jamie breathing ether.