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It was with heavy heart that we learned of Benazir Bhutto's assassination today in Rawalpindi, Pakistan at the hands of a suicide bomber firing a gun while riding a motorbike into a crowded political rally (sheesh—they don't fool around there, do they?), and while we acknowledge such a monumentally tragic event has no place amongst the frivolous goings on at Defamer, we still feel compelled, as is our custom, to offer some casting suggestions for the inevitable CBS Movie of the Week depicting the events.

In the role of the charismatic former leader, undaunted by previous threats on her life in her mission to bring democracy to the South Asian country, we offer TV and TV-Film actress Kim Delaney. Besides bearing an uncanny resemblance to one another, both have faced their share of workplace adversity, with Bhutto having been exiled from Pakistan after facing corruption charges, and Delaney having been exiled from CSI: Miami for being too-easily plied with liquid payouts. And in the part of her political rival, accused dictator President Musharraf (perhaps Will Smith can turn him around), we offer Battlestar Galactica's Admiral William "Bill" Adama, aka Edward James Olmos, really the only logical choice when it comes to swarthy, bespectacled martial-types rocking the epaulets and medals.