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I should include end-of-year lists. But there are three even more annoying artifacts you'll be stuck with every freaking day of the coming year.

"Green" technology I live next to Whole Foods, so I overhear the most ridiculous self-serving pseudoscience while in line for my organic espresso. People think they're saving the Earth from Republicans by buying the right dishwasher soap to drive home in a Lexus hybrid that spews as much greenhouse gas per mile as the gasoline-engine version. You want to clean the planet? Demand that Al Gore stop India and China from becoming the world's new pollution supersource.

The semantic Web Tim Berners-Lee asks that you please stop having so much fun on the Internet. It's time to return control of the whole thing to a bunch of postdoctoral researchers who publish long tomes titled "Thoughts on a metamodeling architecture of Web ontology languages." You can read about it in this month's Scientific American, but — wait for it — the article's not published on the Web.

Facebook I use Facebook daily and truth is, there's not much there to write about. So I'm not sure why the entire mainstream media suddenly replaced "MySpace" with "Facebook" in the exact same overreaching misreportage they've been writing for three years. My theory goes like this: Every time some kid makes a few billion on paper, editors who know in their hearts they'll be juggling spreadsheets to make the mortgage payments for the rest of their lives get a little crazy. At the rate Web 2.0 is minting rich kids it's going to be a long, long year.