It's a little late, but the Jewish media titans controlling this site don't exactly know when the pagan holiday commemorating the birth of your false prophet falls on your calendar; what you call "Christmas," occuring on December 25th, is just regular ol' Tevet 16th, 5768 to us. Having said that, here's a video montage of Britney Spears set to one of her own Christmas songs, as compiled by Defamer's own Image Party Picasso, Molly McAleer.

Any suggestions for our videographer for the forthcoming, sure-to-be an annus horribilis for anyone with the last name "Spears?" A montage of paparazzi shots of Jamie Lynn carting her baby around in a Trader Joe's paper bag as she browses Kitson set to the tune of Kim Wilde's "Kids in America"? Britney Spears's 35 to-and-fro courthouse jaunts with Beck's "Loser" blasting on the soundtrack? Shots of matriarch Lynn's attempts to keep smiling as she loses the National Book Award for her forthcoming tome to a sub-par effort by Jonathan Franzen with her NPR interview predicting a win playing over the whole thing? Do you think Mad TV funnyman Aries Spears is going to get arrested for arson or something?