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Former Barbra Streisand lover/Perm-Tensility Quality Control Technician Jon Peters, who only recently spent millions to give his adoptive godson Kal-El Brandon Routh the most dancing-waterest wedding in Kryptonian history, is on the receiving end of yet two more sexual harassment lawsuits filed by exasperated staff members claiming to have been faded-superproducer-handled during their tenures at the Peters estate. From Page Six:

The four-time-divorced mogul behind "Superman Returns," "Ali" and "Batman" was sued Monday in LA Superior Court by Blanca Hernandez, who helped maintain Peters' home and office. She claims Peters sexually harassed her by touching her breasts and buttocks, once tried to push her onto his bed when he was naked, tried to kiss her breasts - which he called "pillows" - and offered her money for sex. [...]

The second suit, filed by Adriana and Andrew Silveira, live-in servants at Peters' Malibu beach house, claims that when Adriana discovered she was pregnant in June 2006, Andrew was told by Peters that if he wanted to keep his job, his wife had to abort the baby. When the couple refused, Peters fired off an e-mail giving him the ax. [...]

Last year, Shelly Morita, a former personal assistant, claimed Peters fondled her and climbed into bed with her in a hotel in Australia, where "Superman Returns" was shooting. That case is set for trial this April.

Reading of these outrageous tales of Peters as a domestic-diddling nightmare, stomping through his Bel Air mansion on a pillow-fluffing, abortion-decreeing rampage, we're instantly reminded of ex-/reconciled/live-in/evicted (we honestly have no fucking clue) wife Mindy Peters, who once told the LAT that Peters is "a madman, crazy and mean. But he has a beautiful heart," which we take to mean that even after abruptly dismissing the expecting couple, he made sure to send them a giant baby-shower gift basket of primary-colored nursery goodies emblazoned with the Superman crest.