Paris and Nicky Hilton's little brother, 18-year-old Barron Nicholas (he uses his middle name for his last on his high school Facebook page), wants you to know that he is a total badass. No really! This apple is totes not going to even think about falling far from the tree! Barron smokes pot! Barron drinks what might be champagne while wearing suits! The youngest Hilton tosses 'em back in his pool! Or at least, he pours Captain Morgan's down his front for the camera, but that's fine—we're sure the help won't mind cleaning it up later.

Don't forget the posing-with-pharmaceuticals shot. Barron is a senior at California's private Westmark School, which serves "high-potential students with language based learning differences." We're pretty sure however, that dyslexia does not involve some kind of supplemental disorder where you don't understand that whatever you put on the Internet, is, you know...on the Internet.

Not that college or job recruiters will give a fig about Barron's comportment, what with all the millions of dollars he stands to inherit when Grandpa Hilton kicks the buck—oh whoops! Never mind us! Perhaps it's time to update the profile after all?

Anyway, he's got great friends on Facebook. Conrad Hilton! Atlanta De Cadenet! (Um, born in 1992!) Alessandra Balazs!

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