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23-year-old iContact CEO Ryan Allis writes on his blog:

In 2007, I've received 61,457 emails, sent 13,174 emails, spoken in front of approximately 3,445 people at 25 speaking events, received 928 Facebook messages, sent 601 Facebook messages, wrote 181 blog posts, had 135 business lunches, held 83 employee interviews, been on 49 airplanes, talked with 46 venture capital firms, visited 28 cities, attended 27 business dinners, had 20 press interviews, held 11 Entrepreneur & Social Entrepreneur Meetups, read 9 books, been to New York City 5 times, added 4 roommates to our house of entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, lost 3 phones, been on 2 magazine covers, been on 1 national television show, and completed 1 book manuscript.

And yet, strangely, we've never heard of this guy before today.