Pity John Cusack, who in the span of one junket for an earnest and well-meaning film has now been subjected to the advances of single-n'-ready-to-mingle The View guest hosts, The Chris Farley Show-caliber interviews with overzealous TV cooks, and now, this:

Not since Merry Miller's Holly Hunter debacle has an ill-prepared celebrity interviewer caused us to cringe so, as an unnamed host (surely only moments away from being identified, trotted around the morning shows for her viral notoriety, then forgotten about, only to reemerge as a View guest couch-warmer fully in control of her non-inept life after having found God) begins her audience with the lauded actor by explaining that she's missing class, which, funnily enough, is covering American Beauty that day. What's funny about that? To Cusack—not very much. To us, pretty much everything.