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Valleywag dwells on sex, greed, and hypocrisy. That leaves little room for the merely quirky, edgy, and unprofitable. For that, we present to you io9, a new sci-fi blog published, like Valleywag, by Gawker Media. All of our colleagues are dutifully saying nice things. There will be none of that from Valleywag, thank you very much. Don't get us wrong: We are grateful for the existence of io9, run by surly media nerd Annalee Newitz ("sparkly-crap mobile circuit-board garbage gizmo mass-produced by machines").

Where else can we pawn off geek-culture stories about space porn and Star Trek that have nothing to do with making you smarter and richer? Take a break and check out these randy, sex-crazed fruitopians, with their rose-colored technoptimism and their shiny silver jumpsuits. If you don't roll back to Valleywag bent over with laughter, perhaps you never belonged here in the first place. (Photo by M. Weiss/NASA/CXC via Getty Images)