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Julia Allison, the ex-girlfriend of Jakob Lodwick, agreed to chat with her sadmirers on sister site Gawker. In the comments, she revealed the real reason why the attention-seeker was fired from his own company Vimeo:

He was fired for "insubordination" — meaning, he didn't agree with the strategy IAC had for Vimeo, and he just ignored them when they told him to do things. He thinks of himself as Howard Roark and IAC's middle management as one huge Peter Keating, so getting fired fit into that storyline quite nicely. I think he saw it as almost heroic.

Also, Jakob has strong body odor, unmasked by Tom's of Maine's natural deodorant — which may have contributed to the firing, not to mention his breakup. I don't remember Ayn Rand making her Fountainhead protagonist's hygiene habits explicit, but I'm pretty sure the architect bathed regularly. Maybe Lodwick would be better served emulating his fictional idol's hygienic standards, rather than "heroically" pissing off the bosses he knowingly sold his company to. (Photo by Noah Kalina)