Today Iowans flock, scamper and waddle to the cauci to help elect the next president of America. Some of those Iowans are gay people. This hasn't gone unnoticed by Hillary Clinton. Trolling, HuffPo gay Alex Geana meets a man named "waverlydan" who says, "i have chatted with at least 20-25 guys who are in iowa working or volunteering for caucus ALL of them are working or volunteering for Hillary." But the Iowa gays actually prefer another man! Ummm, guess who.

Out of the very small random sample I talked to (which might be just as reliable as checking the bean jars in an Iowa diner), Edwards was their choice. So he has a fascinatingly strong chance of wining, after the voters for Bidden, Dodd, Richardson etc. can't find traction.

iowaguy2: I'm an Obama supporter, but honestly, I think Edwards will win Iowa on the Dem side and Huckabee on the Rep side

It doesn't hurt that a) John Edwards is perhaps the most handsome man probably ever or B) Chuck Norris, gay icon and a man who uses pepper spray to spice his steaks, endorsed Mike Huckabee on Tuesday.