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In a stunning Romcom Release-Date Push-Back Exclusive, is reporting that Katherine Heigl's hotly unanticipated Knocked Up feature film follow-up, 27 Candles Dresses, will be opening on January 18, not January 11, as had been previously scheduled. A Fox "insider" offered a suspiciously sanguine, "The movie played so well at public sneak previews on December 27 that it was decided just last night to move it back a week to take advantage of the holiday weekend." Skeptics that we are when it comes to an anonymous studio flack's pom-pom waving, we're wondering if the extra week isn't instead for them to add some 11th hour footage of Heigl's head being blown off by an unseen, fire-belching beast, the better to position the film opposite Paramount's Godzilla-sized offering, Cloverfield. []