We all know Britney Spears has been having a tough time of it right? Well, she may have just have had a psychotic break. As in, she snapped and the Britney Spears we knew as someone who flirted with insanity but never actually went there, has gone insane. Here's the deal: So earlier today she had custody of her kids, Sean and Jayden, for a finite amount of time before she had to return them to Kevin. At the end of that time, she didn't want to give up them up after her visiting hours were over. So the LAPD came. Her lawyers (who we though she fired, and maybe she did) came. Britney, they said, is "hysterical and just wants to keep the kids overnight." And, well—as an aside, this is really sad and doesn't give us that much pleasure to report—but PageSix.com is reporting "Paramedics just showed up at Britney's house. Paramedics just rolled gurney into Spears house. Sources are now revealing to PageSix.com that "someone is being transferred to the hospital for a mental evaluation." So it might not be Britney but if anything means anything ever it probably is.

Update: Yup, that gurney was for her. She's now at Cedars-Mount Sinai Hospital.