Rachel Marsden, former "Red Eye" on-air eye-candy who was once allegedly "escorted" from Fox studios, and who has been accused of being a bit stalky, wrote into Gawker this morning to let us know that she's officially been exonerated of all wrongdoing ever. Or at least she won't be charged with harassing her Candian counterterrorism officer ex. The emails from the gentleman that she made public and those nudes allegedly of him she sent to the papers have finally proven her innocence! Canada's National Post helpfully adds: "Ms. Marsden, a former Republican Babe of the Week who has appeared on Fox News and CNN, has a history of criminal harassment, having pleaded guilty to stalking a Vancouver radio host in 2004. Her swim coach at Simon Fraser University also accused her of stalking him in the 1990s, but the allegation was never proven." [National Post]