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Early ratings for Rupert Murdoch's Fox Business Network have materialized, and the news isn't pretty. According to Nielsen Media Research, about 6,300 households on any given weekday are tuning in. Compare that to the 283,000 watching rival network CNBC. The number is so low you won't hear it officially from Nielsen researchers, because it doesn't meet their minimum standards for reporting. While it's still early going and Fox only reaches about 30 million households compared to CNBC's 90 million homes, the numbers aren't pretty.

Roger Ailes, chairman of Fox Business, said he would not settle for "anything short of a revolution," given the vast resources and advertising Fox is able to deploy. At this rate, Fox Business Network shouldn't be aiming at CNBC; the network, with its bubbly and attractive correspondents, is competing with personal blogs with virtually no expenses. Maybe what Fox Business needs is more cleavage. Move the ticker to the top of the screen, Roger. (Photo from