According to her HuffPo bio, "Linda Keenan worked 7 years as a head writer/senior producer for various programs on CNN. Before that, she worked as a writer/producer for Bloomberg TV." Now she's a mommyblogger. Which makes her more than qualified to present a series of amusing blind items about childish behavior by famous television newsanchors. After the jump, we solicit your guesses and present a couple of ours.

  • This anchor farts a lot!
  • "This person has been nicknamed 'Cranky Pants' by his caretakers."
  • "This person's caretaker has had to remove carrot shreds from his lunch because he 'hates orange food - no orange food!'"
  • "This person turns beet-red, balls up his fists and screams when he is read something he doesn't like."
  • "This person just up and ran away from his caretakers, leaving them terrified and heartbroken."

To be honest, we're guessing Lou Dobbs for pretty much all of them. He just seems like a "cranky pants." Though the last one might have a better answer—which CNN (or Bloomberg, why not!) anchor made a habit of disappearing "without warning, not showing up or calling in for days, weeks, never to return"?

Toddler Or Anchor? I Report, You Decide [HuffPo]