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According to an announcement made by Screen Actors Guild president Alan Rosenberg this afternoon, the members of his union refuse to undermine their striking WGA brethren by crossing the WGA picket line at the Golden Globes:

"After considerable outreach to Golden Globe actor nominees and their representatives over the past several weeks, there appears to be unanimous agreement that these actors will not cross WGA picket lines to appear on the Golden Globe Awards as acceptors or presenters," he said. "We applaud our members for this remarkable show of solidarity for striking Writers Guild of America writers."

While this development certainly doesn't bode well for the possibility of a televised Globes ceremony taking place next Sunday, desperate awards show partners NBC and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association still harbor a fleeting hope that their last-ditch enticement to the SAG membership, the tripling of the event's already-legendary alcohol supply and the outfitting of the venue with a series of "presenter suites" filled with a metric ton of cocaine, might be able to induce enough dissent within the actors' now-unanimous ranks to convince the union to reconsider its hastily adopted stance.