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A veteran CES attendee sent us her tried-and-true tips to having a successful CES 2008 trip:

1. Wash your hands. There is a reason one PR firm constantly told everybody to carry anti-bacterial sanitizer — you shake all those hands, after a while, it gets gross. You can avoid a lot of stomach problems, cold sores and pink eye by either not shaking any hands or being neurotic about washing/cleaning your hands. I am not joking. There was a decline in people getting sick after it was pushed to do this.

2. When leaving the Las Vegas Convention Center, don't wait in the cab line — walk straight up the cross street it's on and there's a hotel. Never a wait for cabs. It's about two blocks away. Zero line.

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3. When in doubt and the cab line is long, step out, wave money and hurry — you more than likely will get a cab, and you'll have just cut in front of everybody so you better hustle. It's snarky, but when you are late for a miserable client who constantly complains and expects you to be super girl, it can be the only way to go.

4. It is virtually impossible to get a reservation anywhere, yet the Buccaneer Bay restaurant in Treasure Island is a secret place for amazing food — especially dessert. No, it's not baller status by any means, but if you're starved and can't get a table, you won't be disappointed, more than likely.

5. There is an outstanding tailor in the Aladdin shops area [editor's note: now the Miracle Mile Shops by Planet Hollywood] that does on the spot work while you wait. Great for hemming those sexy black pinstripe pants you found for wearing to the clubs.

6. Paris hotel is the most convenient location on the strip to get to the LVCC because you can go around its side street or back to get to the main drag the LVCC is on. It's also very clean with good service and you don't have to wind through an entire casino to find your room (like with most of the casino hotels) — elevators to rooms are literally just off to the right.

7. Mandalay Bay has the best buffet. I got sick at the Mirage.

8. I do believe that I heard rats or mice in the walls at the Palm last time I stayed — I was gravely ill and bedridden to where things got very quiet and there was definitely something in the walls.

9. If limos are lined up, ask people in the cab line (even if strangers) to share. Most of the limos will match what it'd cost for cab, or close to — and if you divide it up between 10 people, it's actually very cheap.

10. The back side of the LVCC is always good for grabbing shuttles — less traffic. Granted you'll have to walk a little further but you at least won't have to wait in that dreaded line.

11. Only the cheesy people brag about attending the parties, unless there is a banging band playing. It is still tech, it's still nerdy.

12. No, the cute PR girls do not want to date you. They are just hawking you for clients.

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