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· What's up with the Golden Globes? The industry's collector sphincter is still uncomfortably contracted as it awaits official word from the HFPA and NBC about whether or not they'll try to put on some version of Hollywood's Drunkest Night without striking writers and sympathetically no-showing actors, though whispers are already indicating that the whole thing will be flushed. [Variety, THR]
· James Bond has a love interest! Ukrainian actress Olga Kurylenko is officially reporting for Bond 22 sexual-conquest duty, ready to deliver a coquettish line about how great the superspy's tuxedo will look crumpled up on the floor of her bedroom the morning after she's been ravaged by Daniel Craig. [Variety]

· Bill Maher returns on Friday without writers — meaning no monologue and no "new rules," forcing the host to open each show with the kind of improvisational crowd-work that could've kept Jay Leno from from landing on the Guild's shit-list. [THR]
· The third Pirates installment leads all nominees for the Visual Effects Society Awards with six nods, a recognition of how the movie's innovative FX artists enhanced Johnny Depp's performance to seem 50-percent more drunkenly fey than any actor would have been able to achieve without digital assistance [Variety]