Yesterday we showed you our strike beard and asked you for yours. You responded with a pouring out of hair both touching and in a way disgusting. Our inbox was clogged with wiry black hairs that weren't ours. I'm sure the writers, however, appreciate it. After the jump our special bonus Strike Beard gallery. Send your beard to

Bushiness: 8
Grooming: 10
Auto Color Adjusting in Photoshop:: 0

Bushiness: 0, More patches than a hippie's backpack.
Grooming: 4
Inspiration: 10, Jesus has your back. (Jesus is My Beard)

Bushiness: 8
Creepiness: 9
Awards Display: 10

Bushiness: 5
Jewiness: 10
Beards Into Deeds: 10, this is Seth Abramavich's beard, Sr. Editor at Defamer, our Hollywood site that has been following the strike so hard Seth hasn't even had time to shave.