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What kind of Bizarro Hollywood are we living in, where the Critics' Choice Awards could very well become one of the crowning moments of the 2008 awards season? We've never been so desperately in need of the SAGgies in all our lives! But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, a round-up of last night's delightfully well-attended Broadcast Film Critics Association honors:
· No Country For Old Men took the most trophies—whose design fittingly looks like some kind of torture device Anton Chigurh might use—including Picture, Director, and Supporting actor. Juno and Hairspray took two lesser awards each. Daniel Day-Lewis and Julie Christie took Actor and Actress, respectively. [AP]
· The last stars to arrive were also the biggest: George Clooney, then Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who managed to pry Angelina away from reporters before she could tell them about her desire to adopt America Ferrera, or any of this year's other Golden Globes orphans. [The Envelope]

· Katie Holmes showed up without Tom Cruise, wearing a chic, off-the-shoulder designer gown made out of a revolutionary, GPS-trackable homing fabric. [People]
· George Clooney on the strike: ""This is a one-industry town. And when a strike happens, it's not just writers or actors, it's restaurants and hotels and agencies. And our hope is that all of the players involved will lock themselves in a room and not come out until they finish. We want this to be done. That's the most important thing. It matters to all of us." Steve Zahn on the same topic: "Ideally, as an actor, it would be great if the writers would return and the critics would go on strike." [USA Today]
· If you missed the broadcast on VH-1, their website has plenty of video clips, including Don Cheadle being presented the first-ever prestigious George Segal award by his Oceans' pal George Clooney, who admits he hates him. "No, really. Nobody likes him." [VH-1]