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· The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. estimates that the cancellation of the Globes "could" cost the local economy more than $80 million; should the Oscars also go down, the organization says L.A. can expect another $130 million to be flushed away. [Variety]
· The DGA announces the nominations for their yearly awards, with There Will Be Blood's Paul Thomas Anderson, No Country's Coen Brothers, Michael Clayton's Tony Gilroy, Into the Wild's Sean Penn, and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly's Julian Schabel all earning the official esteem of their behind-the camera peers. [Variety]

· Meanwhile, the DGA and the AMPTP are "still far" from setting a date for their contract talks. [Variety]
· On Monday night, newly minted NBC hit American Gladiators fell off "a modest" 19 percent from its high-rated, two-hour Sunday premiere extravaganza, a result demonstrating the public's still-healthy appetite for primetime bloodsport. [THR]
· Quentin Tarantino, Marcia Gay Harden, Jason Reitman, Sandra Oh, and Alan Alda have all been selected to sit on this year's Sundance jury. [THR]