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Sometimes—particularly when we find ourselves creating topic tags like "Sacha Baron Cohen's Junk"—we are prone to having minor lightbulb moments, such as the one just moments ago in which it suddenly occurred to us that the Sweeney Todd star might be inordinately preoccupied with his own manhood. It having already been revealed that it was his idea to outfit his Adolfo Pirelli character with certain below-the-belt costuming enhancements, the NY Daily News delves even deeper into the British comedian's priapic self-fascination, discovering, among other Cohen-bone bits, the reason behind that strategically placed black bar in the Borat movie's climactic naked wrestling scene:

Kathleen Tracy reports in her new bio, "Sacha Baron Cohen: From Cambridge to Kazakhstan," that "the apparent adrenaline rush to survive under Davitian's ample weight" caused an awkward surge of blood toward one of Cohen's extremities.

The film was spared an NC-17 rating by that long, rectangular fig leaf.

At least we were spared a scene in which Borat visits a plastic surgeon to have a reverse circumcision performed "so Pamela Anderson won't think he's Jewish. [Cohen] dropped his pants," presenting his manhood for inspection, only to have the doctor recognize him from one of his earlier comic incarnations. "Wait! You're Ali G!" the doc exclaimed, ruining the whole scene.

Once again, Cohen's own notoriety proved to be his own worst enemy, as what could have easily become one of the movie's most memorable sequences wound up on the cutting-room floor, so to speak—and all because one savvy inverse-mohel was so familiar with the shlong-obsessed prankster's canon, he instantly recognized him the second he laid eyes on his patient's world famous package.