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According to the helpful countdown clock on their website, the next People's Choice Awards is but 364 days and some-odd hours away, which hopefully will be enough time for them to find their balls again after being castrated behind the awards barn as a sacrifice to the writers strike gods. Still, the ceremony we've not entirely reverentially referred to in the past as Oscar's Chain-Smoking, Lupus-Afflicted Aunt with an Internet Gambling Problem limped its way into American living rooms in an odd, greatly compromised CBS telecast last night, bereft of a studio audience, live star appearances, and awkward acceptance speeches from recently dumped actresses wondering how they can be all of America's favorite if they can't even be Justin Timberlake's.

Instead, we got Queen Latifah introducing an interminable string of pre-taped acceptance speeches and answers to fan questions. The big winners included Favorite Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: The One We Didn't Bother Seeing, Favorite TV Comedy Two and a Half Men (beating out The King of Queens and My Name is Earl), and Favorite New TV Drama Moonlight, beating out a shortlist of every other series to premiere and die within weeks of the fall 2008 TV season. A full list of the winners is here.