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It's Thursday, and what's back in style this week, according to the NYT Styles? For certain men, vests "feel right again." (Did they ever feel wrong?) A few important points: the three-piece suit's "strength is also its weakness," but standing alone, the vest "kicks things up a notch." Vests were at Christmas parties, and are all up in the clubs. And also! Vests let men show off the size of their "drop," a sort of sexy waist-to-chest ratio. Perhaps most importantly, "you can feel your cellphone vibrate in it much better than in your jacket." What else has the Styles section proclaimed back for men in the last year?

Well, how about neckties, and short pants and Bermuda shorts, plus actual shorts, and dressing like it's 1992, and tweed, and artisanal fragrances, and fur-lined hoodies and trapper hats.. Oh, and collared shirts, and slim suits, natch. Try wearing all of these things at once! [NYT]

[Photo: Tom Ackerman]