Cashmere Mafia is a television show about ladies (a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, and an Asian) who have sex and hang out and talk about having sex. They live in New York and have important jobs in the media industry. Last night was its second, much-anticipated episode. And apparently, one of the characters did something embarrassing and ended up on a popular media gossip website!

Like the rest of America, we missed the mention. But a loyal viewer said it went something like this:

"So far I've seen it on MediaBistro, Romenes... it got over 6,000 hits on Gawker."
[Screengrabs of Romenesko and Gawker on screen]

Over 6,000 hits! There is not a single item in history that was picked up from Romenesko and then went on to get 6,000+ views.

Screengrab? Or clip? Anyone?

Update: We have the Cashmere Mafia clip! It's amazing how "with it" this show is! Also it's totally up-to-date because Choire would never have let us use "Bitch" in a headline.