Last Celeb DUI of 2007 winner Mischa Barton phoned into omnipresent showbiz presence Ryan Seacrest's radio show On Air this morning, her first public statement on the matter since being picked up by cops in WeHo two days after Christmas for driving under the influence of alcohol and non-medical marijuana.

She takes full responsibility for her foolhardy actions in the interview, though places a tiny bit of the blame on all of L.A., which, unlike her commuter-friendly hometown of New York, renders it so very difficult to drag oneself home after getting obliterated without the use of one's own vehicle. She also expresses concern that the event will somehow lump her in with a certain breed of messier starlet whose names shall go unmentioned—yet why the former paramour to Brandon "Firecrotch" Davis and Cisco "Balls" Adler would ever think such a thing is anyone's guess. And a special thank-you to Defamer videographer Molly McAleer, who has set the audio clip to an enchanted image party composed entirely of magical creatures, some of which might have danced through the heads of subject and/or interviewer at any given moment throughout the conversation.