The latest issue of Men's Journal tells the story of Keith Olbermann, the logorrheic sportscaster who terrorized ESPN while creating its sarcastic brand, became a failed "serious" newscaster, and finally ended up as the hopeful savior of perennial third-place cable news network MSNBC by providing a liberal blowhardy-but-funny alternative to Fox's self-serious conservative goons. Olbermann—nearly canceled a few short years ago—is rapidly becoming the face of the network, thanks to his solid ratings and fantastic demographic numbers. "Keith runs MSNBC," an unnamed senior MSNBC executive tells Men's Journal. "Chris Matthews is infuriated by it." Naturally! They're both ridiculously self-important, convinced of their encyclopedic knowledge of everything political, and they tend to not mesh well with other egos. Poor Chris already has Tim Russert undermining him, the last thing he needed was an up-and-comer usurping his tiny, wonky niche. [TVNewser]