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In an attempt to drain all the suspense from WGA Awards party you've been planning since last March (one that, given the gala-cancellation news of yesterday afternoon, would inevitably be an even more pathetic affair than Sunday's upcoming Reading Of The Golden Globes Winners By Your Favorite Access Hollywood Personalities Extravaganza Presented By NBC), the LAT's Gold Derby blog interprets the non-alphabetical ordering of nominees in the Guild's press release as a spoiler indicating the winners, citing a "goof" that may or may not have happened last year. Those interested in keeping the possible identities of this year's winners a mystery should refrain from clicking on either of the preceding links or the image above; those who'd like to think they're getting a sneak peak at the results—be the first one on the picket line to ruin the surprise for your fellow strikers, then gripe about how over-hyped you feel that particular script was!—should feel free to indulge their baser, WGA-Awards-Christmas-spoiling instincts.