Finding it nearly impossible to land quality guests because of talent's maddening unwillingness to run a gauntlet of taunting, red-shirted WGA picketers just to spend six uncomfortable minutes trying to sound enthused about a movie they only took to make a weekend-house mortgage payment, Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel last night paid reciprocal visits to each other's star-hungry couches, hoping that chatting about their strike-related travails might be a diverting way to kill a few minutes of airtime.

Always one to look on the bright side, Leno revealed a pleasant consequence of The Tonight Show's current guest-draught: being freed up from having to watch the kind of paycheck-passion projects mentioned above—a point Kimmly quickly rebutted by reminding Jay that they'll both soon be pretending to care about how the lives of contestants strapped to The Moment of Truth's lie detector were ruined by their forced candor about wanting to pork their attractive in-laws.