Daniel Day-Lewis Checks Out The Singing-Barber At The Arclight

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In today's episode: Daniel Day-Lewis; Diane Keaton; Jake Gyllenhaal; Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Justin Long, Jonah Hill and Peter Billingsley; Doris Roberts; Joe Pesci; Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane; Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman; Adrian Grenier; Randy Jackson; Alexis Bledel; Bob Saget; Danny Masterson; James Roday; and Sean Gunn.

· At the Arclight Wednesday (01/09) - Daniel Day-Lewis at 5:35pm screening of "Sweeney Todd" checking out the competition. The concession guy was boasting about the photo that he got with him on his phone, and then my friend and I got seated next to him and his female companion who we think was Rebecca Miller's sister. Take that, concession guy! DDL seemed amused and even chuckled a few times at Helena Bonham Carter's bits. He sat forward in his seat a few times echoing his posture in "There Will Be Blood". He was dressed totally vintage in dark frayed slacks, workman boots, and a fedora-ish hat that he threw on after the lights went up. He went straight to the pisser afterwards. Just your average everyday Oscar winner.


· 1/5 - While on the ticket line at AMC Century City on Saturday afternoon, I turn to see a woman walk in wearing a hat, glasses and black coat wrapped chicly with a wide, brown leather belt. I'm thinking a) nice outfit and b) she's clearly inspired by Diane Keaton because there's no way this Diane Keaton fan is lucky enough to experience an actual Diane Keaton sighting. As she comes closer, I realize yes that's the unmistakable smile and swagger of Miss Annie Hall. Not only that, she's gracing the popcorn bags (to promote Mad Money) and I later learned that day was her birthday (she looks great for 62). Okay, I'm done obsessing now.


· Jan 4 - Last night, waiting to pick up my takeout order at the insanely crowded Gingergrass in Silver Lake, I could have sworn I saw a handomsely bearded (I mean that in the facial hair sense, not the Penelope Cruz sense, although...) Jake Gyllenhaal chowing down with a group of 3 other normal looking people. There was a girl to his left and her back was to me and I didn't have the time, the room, the lack of dignity, or the energy to do a walk-by, so I can't add a +Reese sighting.

· it's official: my former favorite vodka bar is a dingus-filled celeb hangout. saturday 1/5 at bar lubitsch: vince vaughn, jon favreau, justin long, and jonah hill all hanging out together. also with them was favreau's producer peter billingsley, better known to most of you as the "you'll shoot your eye out" kid from a christmas story. despite the justin "oh, the pastiness" long sighting, no drew barrymore to be found. ah well.

· My grandmother (sorry, Doris Roberts) enjoying a leisurely lunch with some daughter-types Wednesday (1/9) at Orso on 3rd. All done up, tasteful suit, matching purse, makeup, hair done. Adorable!

· Wednesday 1/9. After watching another Clippers loss, my new friend and I headed back to the Valley and stopped over to Jerry's in Studio City. Sitting diagonally across from us was Joe Pesci. Joe was sharing an ice cream sundae with a VERY young looking woman who I'm hoping was his daughter. Joe was naturally dressed in all black with a black leather jacket and VERY dyed black hair.

· I ran into Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane (again!) at the Arclight in Hollywood the day after Christmas. They were walking with a group of friends after seeing the new PT Anderson Flick "There Will Be Blood" which they were raving about. Eric's hair looked completely grey and was slicked back, and he was completely clean shaven. Rebecca looked cute and casual in jeans and a sweater with her hair up.

also saw Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman on a flight returning from Cabo San Lucas on 12/22. They were in Business class (no 1st class on those AA mexico flights) - it was a short flight with lots of delays. They kept us on the tarmac for like an hour before we left and after we landed due to busy airports. Jimmy kept busy reading the newspaper while Sarah was typing stuff on her iPhone. They had to go through customs at LAX and wait in the long annoying lines like everyone else. Sarah took funny pictures of Jimmy while they were standing in line at immigration.

· Jan 6 - Just saw Adrian Grenier braving the rains for some fine vegan cuisine at Real Food Daily on La Cienega. Very cute and friendly as he waited for his friends at the bar.

· Sheer bliss: Wednesday night on Hollywood Boulevard outside the IO West Theatre near Cahuenga, American Idol's Randy Jackson was riding around on a big matte black Segway (or whatever those standing motorized things are called) in best Gob Bluth style, with a woman hanging on behind him as his passenger. She was short enough that he loomed over her (but, no, it wasn't Paula). Everybody on the sidewalk was turning to one another and saying, "Wasn't that Randy Jackson? Damn, that WAS Randy Jackson!"

· Thursday, 1/10, 11.13 PM: Saw Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) at the Airborne Toxic Event residency at Spaceland, bobbing to the music with her boyfriend and looking adorably clean-cut in a sea of hipsters. I didn't know celebs followed hot new indie rock bands, except for maybe Heath Ledger, who is obsessed with Alex Ebert from Ima Robot. I have a whole new appreciation for Alexis now. Lingering question: was that Scarlett Johansen I saw dancing along at ATE's show last Thursday at Spaceland, or just another really pretty blonde girl?

·Jan 11 - 12:57 p.m. Stalking Bob Saget at the Apple store in Century City bitching about his iPhone battery

· Saw Danny Masterson at Koji's Shabu Shabu in the Hollywood and Highland Complex on Sunday night 1/6/08. Sat at the bar waiting for a table with a male friend. Pretty non-descript except for the scariest moustache I have ever seen. I checked IMDB and didn't see any Sherlock Holmes or Inspector Clouseau roles for him anytime soon.

· The guy from "Psych" - James Roday, IMDb tells me - at the Arclight around 10pm on Tuesday Jan. 8, with a petite special lady friend. He was sporting a beard - strike beard or just plain old hiatus beard, I could not say.

· Tuesday (1/5) Los Feliz Gelson's. Sean Gunn (Kirk from "Gilmore Girls"), pushing a cart and looking positively terrifying with a black spikey mohawk. Not a fauxhawk — dude went all the way with it. Hopefully the cancellation of the show hasn't sent him into a Travis Bickle-esque state of mind —