iJustine, the videoblogger who's almost as clever as she is blonde, flails about in an attempt to parody herself. The videoblogger mimics her viewers' invasive demands: taking her top off, poking out her eye with a fork, throwing herself under a truck. Don't bother watching — she doesn't deliver on any of it. But is she self-aware, or should we just be wary?

This time Ezarik isn't lip-synching to Randi Jayne "Yes, Mark of Facebook's sister" Zuckerberg's vocals. "I wrote, sang, shot and edited this one," she tells us. Ezarik is trying to showcase the range of skills needed to break away from the low-tech, unscripted, and unpromising format of lifecasting.

She bemoans how lifecasting is changing, as if people wanting the lifecaster to do foolish things, "begging for money and girls taking off their clothes for the cam" is a new development. Jennifer Ringley should have disproved that a decade ago.

Unfortunately for Ezarik, who got her start in lifecasting, that's always been and also will be the nature of the business. Perhaps it's really her career that she wishes would get crushed under the wheels of a truck; her viewers' eyes, poked out with a fork. In every jest, there's a grain of truth. And in every lifecast, something revealing.