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Remember John Rogers, the former CEO of Pay By Touch? He's morally and financially bankrupt. He's a once-convicted felon with addiction problems and a taste for threatening strangers and lovers alike. Rogers is, in other words, the type of guy only a mother could love. But now, even she's had it. Though Rogers remains on Pay By Touch's board, his mother, Judy Nelson, is out as Pay By Touch HR head, marking the end of a controversial tenure.

Nelson leaves behind enemies and a lawsuit. In June, Nelson's immediate predecessor as HR head, Bernadette Robertson, sued Pay By Touch for wrongful termination. Robertson said she was fired for investigating sexual harassment claims against Rogers.

Then, in late November, Nelson made no friends when, in an email eventually leaked to Valleywag, she told ex-employees that despite what Pay By Touch had once promised, it would not pay them back wages.

A tipster tells us Nelson will leave Pay By Touch and return to her former employer, the Orthopedic Institute in Sioux Falls.