Lately I've been watching Web Drifter, an online show that takes the Daily Show's practice of interviewing yokels and crackpots with a straight face, and applies it to the weirdest people on the Internet. Host Martin Sargent visits people like the infamous Peter Pan cosplayer, Hollow Earth believers, and a wizard. There's little of the cloying deadpan voice-over that weakened some Daily Show segments; the show just relies on the subjects' relentless weirdness. By not wrapping up the show in flashy gimmicks, Web Drifter deeply satisfies my need for a freak show. Below, Sargent interviews a man who plans to sail to the North Pole into the Hollow Earth.

Skip the intro, I've already told you what's going on. The best bit is at 8:40, when Sargent asks where Santa lives, and you can tell he's not sure if the Hollow Earther is going to contradict him.