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Remember Kristina Stewart Ward, the "No Sex and the City" editor—and Mormon!—who wrote about being a total contradiction in terms in Vogue last month? She's back in circulation, in her old position as editor of ritzy summer-only Hampton Style, nudging aside Portfolio contributor Deb Schoeneman. Are Mormons taking over the whole world? Not really, but it sounded dramatic.

Ward, who was fired the last time she edited HS, comes in under new management. Brown Publishing Company just closed on the deal they hammered out earlier this year to buy the magazine. Upper East-sider Ward is no stranger to the social beat—she's covered high society for both Vanity Fair and Harper's Bazaar. Plus, Mormons are in, from HBO to the campaign trail; they've even managed to invade the East Coast's Sin City. Still, it's kind of hard to wrap your head around the concept of a woman whose faith prohibits cigarettes and coffee writing about some of the country's most self-indulgent citizens. Then again, one of the principle commandments of Mormonism involves fasting, so maybe she'll fit right in!

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