Cruise Crazy-Gate: The People Respond

Subject: TOM CRUISE?
I'm the wife of a united states soldier. I have watched T. Cruise for some time now .I'm no Dr. so someone should tell Katie,run,run as fast as you can.T.Crui se needs to be in Afghanistan under my husband.He would either come down to this earth or Ft.levenwort.hI thank you so much for putting this out.

Subject: Tom Cruise

I do not understand all the hype about Tom Cruise. Everyone knows he's weird....enough said.

Subject: Divide and Conquer

I have the best idea of all: lets do a check on his

faith, all that thinks he is crazy and an idiot lets

not support his due payments to crazy land and boycott

his movies and we will see the light turn on or see

the alien being that has "SP" come out of his arrse,

then I might think oh he is not full of crap but add a

alien in there tooooo. Thanks


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