Flickr's big failureGoogle Maps performed flawlessly for Apple CEO Steve Jobs in today's Macworld keynote. Yahoo's Flickr? Utter fail. In a demo of Flickr photos appearing on Apple TV, Flickr was a technical no-show. To those inside the company, this may not have come as a surprise. "

"Yahoo has Flickr's servers on 24-hour watch," says a source familiar with the site's operations. In other words, something going wrong is practically the default state for Flickr, which has grown beyond its technical capabilities. Flickr was down for four hours over the weekend. With founder Stewart Butterfield on paternity leave, and not expected to return to Flickr when his leave ends — word is he might seek another role within Yahoo instead — Flickr's staff strikes some as dispirited. And other Yahoo employees would rather gripe about Flickr than fix its code.

Flickr's big failure


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