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When it comes to the Juno debate—poignantly picaresque comedy from the former-stripper Voice of our Generation vs. wildly overrated entertainment calculated to pull the heartstrings of its This American Life-listening target audience—we're afraid to admit we bend towards the latter. We appear to be outnumbered, however, as despite its Golden Globes shut-out, Juno continues to enjoy its surprise hit™ status, and is on track towards netting its scalding-hot screenwriter Diablo "Not Her Real Name" Cody a Best Original Screenplay trophy at this year's Academy Awards.

That said, this entry from a Worth1000 Photoshop contest asking for the addition of sci-fi elements to a scene from a non-sci-fi film reminded us of just how close Juno came to being a movie we could really sink our teeth into: Had the pivotal ultrasound scene, in which Allison Janney leaps to her stepdaughter's defense, climaxed instead by a newly hatched xenomorphling exploding from the judgmental technician's stomach and lodging itself onto Juno's face—later to be adopted by a desperate-to-mother-anything Jennifer Garner—we think we would have emerged from the theater having felt we just enjoyed a far more satisfying filmgoing experience.