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Blogger Harlem 26.2 (whose description, "The chronicles of a Black man running through Harlem in pursuit of rebuilding his business, a sub 3:00 marathon, and a wife - all through the lens of running," is our current favorite) has been following all the Katie Holmes marathon conspiracy theorizing closely, and adds a fascinating insight to the mix that discounts the official "lone runman" theory:

All the conspiracy theories fail to mention or recognize the "mystery runner" that accompanied Katie in the race.

He wore bib # 6074, he does not show up or exist in the results database. He's the first runner in the history of the NYC Marathon to "not exist". He can be seen in photos on Flickr, we have the links on our site, just look in the comments of today, you'll see them.

The conspiracy fails when you see Katie has registered "split times" - however they could have been recorded by this "mystery runner, bib # 6074 - wearing her assigned timing chip - clearly adjacent to her at all times in the few photos that exists. Check out site, the photos on flickr, the NYC Marathon database - that runner is a total mystery....

One obvious explanation is that the tall, dark, and handsome mystery runner is Holmes's bodyguard, as the guy looks like he knows his way around a Krav Maga death-pinch. Still, that doesn't entirely rule out that Agent 6074's frequency-mimicking chip wasn't also receiving constant wireless dispatches from HQ, instructing him at one point to "detonate the fire hydrant by the entrance to the Queensboro bridge, then replace Runaway Bride with her bionic cyberclone during the ensuing confusion. Over."

UPDATE #1: Another mystery runner surfaces!

UPDATE #2: Runner #6074 I.D.'d?