Corey Worthington, the 15-year-old Melbourne boy who threw a wild party at which over 500 guests terrorized the neighbors, vandalized cars, and chased off the cops, is still attracting a ricockulous attention spree from the media. Since his first interview on Australian tabloid show A Current Affair, Worthington (sometimes called Corey Delaney) appeared on the show again after ACA tracked him down to the beach where he's hid from his parents since the party this past weekend. The video, including highlights from the interview that got over a million viewers on, is below. Meanwhile, Worthington's been interviewed by Fox FM and tracked by MSN, which reports he's refused to remove his sunglasses all week, ever since he told the ACA interviewer that the glasses were famous.

Worthington tells the interviewer that he's been commissioned to throw a party. Apparently the kid will ride this wave and fulfill wild dreams of one day becoming a washed-up party planner with one good story.

Each new story about Corey hits Fark, Digg, and other news-sharing sites, where a crowd of other young males alternately insult his lazy irresponsible attitude and the blustery news media that publicizes him. That the media and web have paid him so much attention is sad, but aren't all we all a little shaken up in this scary post-Paris-Hilton world?

Corey is also commemorated in a t-shirt from Busted Tees, but if I see anyone wearing it I promise to punch them in the brain.