Remember Brenda Dickson? I don't! But the soap opera star, whose 1987 self-made video "Welcome To My Home" (featuring Brenda in various outfits showing off her crib) got passed around YouTube a year ago, is back with another. It's less satisfying but no less creepy/pathetic/adorable, as Brenda talks over photos of herself in different outfits before cutting to her documentary on The Young and the Restless. Below is the older video; the new one is on her personal site. "Hi I'm Brenda Dickson," she begins. "Ahhh, this couch is so comfortable," she says before reliving her heyday with poorly sampled TV clips.

"If you're going out to a formal affair and don't want to continually put your lipstick on, use a lip seal. This is what we use in the movies and it really works."

Quick, pick your favorite quote; it's funnier when you say it.