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Joost fired its CTO, Dirk-Willem van Gulik, a company flack told NewTeeVee. For a replacement, the Web TV service named Comcast's Matt Zelesko to be the company's senior vice president of engineering. Here's the weird part, though: van Gulik already has a new job.

The BBC's Future Media and Technology Group appointed van Gulik chief technical architect this afternoon.

That news apparently surprised Joost. Joost PR first told NewTeeVee that van Gulik would continue as a consultant for the company. On a second call, the flack told the blog that van Gulik had been "terminated."

What could have caused their story to change so fast? Here at Valleywag, we're on the case, actively searching the Internet for a photograph of van Gulik's girlfriend's boobs or at least a shot of the CTO ripping a bong hit. Because why else does anybody get fired around here? You could, of course, let us know.